September 25: Art Opening - The Ultravelvet Collection

Ohio-born Eric Aston's life-long dream of storytelling through visual mediums brought him to Los Angeles in 2004. After working as a graphic artist at CR&A Custom, on high-profile advertising campaigns, Eric decided to devote all of his creative efforts and attention to bringing The Ultravelvet Collection to life, full-time. Connecticut-born Meredith Rose began her love affair with photography at an early age. Upon her graduation from NYU, Meredith worked for large luxury fashion retailers (i.e., Henri Bendel) and produced promotional campaigns for New York Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. Her desire to get back to her photography roots and her craving for independence from corporate America, led her to give up her board-room life and work full-time on The Ultravelvet Collection.

The Ultravelvet Collection photos are produced with the use of 120mm film in a 1960s-model camera, and traditional film development techniques. The resulting photos are then digitally enhanced through modern methods, and printed on glass. The graphically altered photos, saturated with vintage tones and hues, often appear as layered images, whose complexity draws the viewer into the photo and into the moment, in what some call a meditative fashion. The pieces are meant raise the viewers' awareness and elevate their appreciation for the stillness of the present moment. For more information about The Ultra Velvet Collection, please visit: