July 24: Art Opening - Nathan Horner

Raised in Ohio and Virginia, Nathan Horner has been a California resident since the early 90s. His works have shown in galleries and other venues across the U.S., including the LACMA sales and rental gallery, Arclight Cinemas, and numerous San Diego galleries. Earlier 'LA Icons' series paintings are now sold as postcard gift sets at EM & Co, and other Los Angeles area stores. Recently, Horner was selected to exhibit his works in a show slated for 2010 at the Hopper House Center, in New York, the birthplace and childhood home of Edward Hopper, which is run by the Edward Hopper Landmark Preservation Foundation. For more information on Horner's past and future exhibits, please visit: http://www.nathanhorner.com/.

July 11-12: Jewelry Trunk Show - Micha Designs

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Micha Keuchenhoff has been involved in various creative endeavors from an early age. Always looking for that one detail that sets apart an outfit, she started making jewelry for herself and friends from vintage pieces and non-traditional materials, combined in unique ways. Seeing the growing demand for her pieces, she launched her jewelry line, Micha Designs, six months ago. Her designs are sold in select boutiques around Southern California and at the THREAD show in the U.S. and the UK. More information is available at: http://www.designbymicha.com/.