August 21: Art Opening - MARISABEL

Born and raised in Panama City by an artist mother, Marisabel graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and Theater Performance in Miami, studied music in Mexico City, and later joined the duet "2Sweet," with whom she scored the European hit in Paris, "Bomba Latina." As a musician, Marisabel has been inspired by some of the most "colorful" '80's musicians - Madonna, Blondie, Pet Shop Boys, Cindy Lauper and Heart.

Marisabel's art inspiration comes from many sources: Mexico's famed artists (Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera) that she studied in her youth, her experiences in Paris, as well as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, graffiti, anime, and Murakami. She started painting three years ago, upon arriving in Los Angeles. Music (musica) remains the greatest driving force for her art, each stroke of her brush driven by a note and words. Blue, the color of dreams, predominates in her colorful pieces that incorporate fabric, oil, spray paint, stencils, and markers. Marisabel recently performed and showed at Swinghouse Studios and Gallery, and she regularly performs at The Key Club, in L.A. Her debut EP, available in late 2008, a high-energy combination of pop, rock, and funk, features all-new songs in Spanish and English that she has written or co-written herself. For more information about MARISABEL, and to hear samples of her music, please visit:

August 2: Sidewalk Sale & Live Concert (A Warrior Nation)

Founded by Nick Eaholtz and Adam Lampert, "A Warrior Nation" plays a modern fusion of soul and funk, infused with jazz, R&B and rock elements. The band recently performed for full houses at Molly Malone's and Aura Nightclub, and will be headlining at multiple other venues within the next few months. For more information about "A Warrior Nation," and to hear samples, please visit: